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          Target Suppliers

          China Trade™ Audit Reports are the fast, easy and cost-effective way to conduct audits and due diligence on potential suppliers and business partners in China. We offer On-Demand due diligence services including a Basic China Trade™ Audit Report, which verifies and authenticate the basic business operations of a firm, and a Detailed China Trade™ Audit Report, which includes a full management and manufacturing audit. Our On-Demand Reports available for all companies in China including:

          • Allen's Trading Inc.
          • Anshan Julong Financial Equipment Co., Ltd.
          • Anshan Shenyuanhua Material Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Anshan Xinlong Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.
          • Anshan Yuhua Industrial Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Ao Longxing Industry & Trade (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
          • Benxi Fenghe Lighter Factory
          • Benxi Hefeng Furniture Co., Ltd.
          • China Dalian Jinling Bedclothes Co., Ltd.
          • China Great Wall International Trade Co., Ltd.
          • China Tobacco Import & Export Liaoning Corp.
          • DaLian Huameilong Metal Products Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian (F.T.Z.) Jiachem Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Aisikai Mineral Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Chang Sheng Metal Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Chem Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Dongzhan Group Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Eastfound Metal Products Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian F.T.Z A2U Industrial Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian F.T.Z. Jiuyuan Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Gold Sword International Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Happy Fortunes Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Hongcheng Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Hope Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Hui Tai Hua Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian J&N Foods Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Kang Yuan Organic Products Development Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Kangtai Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Long Leader Metal Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Metal F.T.Z. Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Midland Trading Co.,Ltd.
          • Dalian Shengjia Colour Printing Packing Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Shungji Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Strong Information Material Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Taiyang Niao Garment Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Tongsheng Enterprises Corp.
          • Dalian Xinzhong Group Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Yaweite Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Yimei International Logistics Co., Ltd.
          • Dalian Zhongsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd.
          • Dandong Decheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
          • Dashiqiao Jinkai Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.
          • Dashiqiao Yutong Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Dongyang Wood Working Co., Ltd.
          • Dosic Import & Export Co., Ltd.
          • Fengcheng Shenke Industries Co., Ltd.
          • Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group
          • Hongjiu Ginseng Co., Ltd.
          • Huludao City Lianshan Hongda Petro Chemical Factory
          • International Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd.
          • Jinzhou Sealcoat Automobile Flocking Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning ChengDa Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Chengda Enterprises Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Chengdasanlin Steel Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Cold Forming Sectional Steel Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Instrument 178平台彩票app下载 Ltd.
          • Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Meilin Group Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Provincial Machinery Industry Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Putian Tongle Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Zhongye Technology And Industry Development Co., Ltd.
          • Liaoning Zhongze Group Knitting Co., Ltd.
          • Linyi Wanxin Enamel Products Co., Ltd.
          • National Products (Group) Co., Ltd.
          • S.F. Systems (Dalian) Ltd.
          • Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group Import and Export Co., Ltd.
          • Shenyang Bodycare Ozone Tech Research Institute
          • Shenyang Jinbei Import & Export Co., Ltd.
          • Sinochem Liaoning Corporation
          • The TNN Development Limited
          • Union Polymer Material Co., Ltd.
          • Yingkou Changtai Aluminum Material Co., Ltd.
          • Yingkou Eurostyle Radiator Co., Ltd.
          • Yingkou NHT Development Co., Ltd.
          • Yingkou Tianrun Refractory Co., Ltd.
          • Yingkou Xiaoyu Integrated Houses Co., Ltd.

          Focus Imagery

          Order Now online or call us at +1.800.728.1400.

          We offer the most competitive due diligence reporting rates in the industry.

          Basic Report     US$249.95*
          Detailed Report US$649.95*
          Inspection        US$279.95*

          *Additional transportation fee may apply
          *Price reflects daily rate and includes any applicable promotional discounts