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          Target Suppliers

          China Trade™ Audit Reports are the fast, easy and cost-effective way to conduct audits and due diligence on potential suppliers and business partners in China. We offer On-Demand due diligence services including a Basic China Trade™ Audit Report, which verifies and authenticate the basic business operations of a firm, and a Detailed China Trade™ Audit Report, which includes a full management and manufacturing audit. Our On-Demand Reports available for all companies in China including:

          • 3S Textile and Apparel Co., Ltd.
          • Anping County Tengfei Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
          • Anqiang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd.
          • Anxin Liteshu Feather & Down Products Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Aoyu Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Baobei Glassware Products Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding City Zhihong Foundry Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Henglian Mechanical Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Jinbailin Garments Making Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Jinying Garments Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Lucky Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Tianpeng Beifang oreign Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Baoding Weier Freeze-Dry Foods Co., Ltd.
          • Bazhou TXJ Industry Co., Ltd.
          • Botou Yaqi Industry Co., Ltd.
          • Chengde Keda Woollen Textile Co., Ltd.
          • Chengde Shuanghuan Bearing Factory
          • Chunfeng Heat Radiator Tech Development Co., Ltd. Jizhou, Hebei
          • Daer Wire Mesh Products Factory
          • Dingzhou Five-Star Metal Wire Mesh Manufactory
          • Dingzhou Huarui Metal Products Co., Ltd.
          • Dingzhou Huaxing Wire Mesh Factory
          • Dingzhou Longyue Technic Wire Co., Ltd.
          • Dingzhou Xinghua Metalwork Co., Ltd.
          • Dingzhou Xufeng Netting Co., Ltd.
          • Dingzhou Yuanda Metal & Wire Meshes Co., Ltd.
          • Guangshun Luggage and Bag Industrial Co., Ltd.
          • Guozhu Hardware Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Aolaike Woolen Products Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Ariede Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Bona Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Cangzhou Tiangong Stainless Products Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Changan Bus Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Dachang Hui Autonomous County Imp. & Exp. Corp.
          • Hebei Diefei Valve Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei ENO Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Econ Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Golden Sunbird Panel Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Guobin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Ideal Arts Import and Export Corp., Ltd.
          • Hebei Jinfeng Carpet Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Jinwu Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Kangdali Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Kanglida Metlanet Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Light Industrial Products I/E Qinhuangdao Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation
          • Hebei Machinery Import & Export Corporation
          • Hebei Medipharm Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Newton Pipes Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Qiangjiu Bicycle Fitting (Group) Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Siweifute Clothing Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Yichen IndustrialGroup Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Yikang Knitting And Cotton Co., Ltd.
          • Hebei Yusheng Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Heng Shui National Prestige Filter Paper Co., Ltd.
          • Hengshui Fulida Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Hengshui Hongxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Hengshui Yishumei Garment Co., Ltd.
          • Hollee Fashional Co., Ltd.
          • Horntex International 178平台彩票app下载 Limited
          • J Long Hardware Abrasive Co., Ltd.
          • Jingdong Rubber Co., Ltd.
          • Kingan Plastic & Rubber Seals Co., Ltd.
          • Langfang Forward Furniture Co., Ltd.
          • Langfang Tianli Leisure Products Co., Ltd.
          • Langfang Yahua Sports Articles Factory
          • Laoting Best Fortune Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Leting Yannan Farming Tools Factory
          • Maxleaf Stationery Ltd.
          • Medico (Shijiazhuang) Industries & Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Qinhuangdao Aoge Glass Co., Ltd.
          • Qinhuangdao Taidy Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
          • Quester Enterprise Co., Ltd.
          • Rayma (SJZ) Metal Products Co., Ltd.
          • Renqiu City Huayuan Chemical Fiber Product Co., Ltd.
          • Renqiu Yongmao Wood Working Machinery Co., Ltd.
          • SJZ Chem-Pharm Co., Ltd.
          • SanLe (Hongkong) International Industrial Ltd.
          • Shahe Import And Export 178平台彩票app下载
          • Shijiazhuang Cast Iron Products Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Danqi Clothing Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Glory Textiles Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Huihong Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Jialiya Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Jirong Chemical Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Konta Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang S D 178平台彩票app下载 Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Sanxing Feather Processing Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Shengri Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Taisheng Hardware Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Tianyi Artware Co., Ltd.
          • Shijiazhuang Wangzhao Garment Co., Ltd.
          • Sinochem Hebei Imp. & Exp. Corporation
          • Tangshan Antarctic Star Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Huali Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
          • Tangshan Huida Ceramic Group Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Imex Industrial Co.,Ltd.
          • Tangshan Kimwan Special Carbon & Graphite Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Shanyuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Sunny Ceramic Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Xinfeng Screws Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Yingjian Machiner Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Yinhai Refractory Materials Co., Ltd.
          • Tangshan Yutong Import and Export Corporation
          • Tangshan Zhenzhu Chestnut Foods Co., Ltd.
          • Top Interlining Co., Ltd.
          • Wuhan Gangsen Xinhui Apparel Co., Ltd.
          • Xiandai Hi-Tech Communication Co., Ltd. Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
          • Xingda Furniture Factory
          • Xingtai Changzheng Heavy Duty Truck Spare Parts Co., Ltd.
          • Xingtai Zhengwu Automobile Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Xinji Materials Exploiting Co., Ltd.
          • Xushui Xingwang Flange Co., Ltd.
          • Yichang Jiayuan Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
          • Yongsheng Furniture Factory
          • Zhangjiakou Hong Xing Machinery Co., Ltd
          • Zhongjian Agricultural Machine Fittings Co., Ltd.
          • Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry Co., Ltd.
          • Zunhua Liyuan Food Co., Ltd.

          Focus Imagery

          If you have questions about our services, please contact178平台彩票app下载 online or call us at +1.800.728.1400.

          We offer the most competitive due diligence reporting rates in the industry.

          Basic Report     US$249.95*
          Detailed Report US$649.95*
          Inspection        US$279.95*

          *Additional transportation fee may apply
          *Price reflects daily rate and includes any applicable promotional discounts