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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Listed below is a brief list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed below please feel free to contact a China Trade™ Audit Reports representative online or via phone at +1.800.728.1400.

          How do you differ from other information providers?

          China Trade™ Audit Reports provides a larger breadth and depth of information than most providers, and provides more cost-effective solutions. We are an independent firm headquartered in the USA, that offers unbiased viewpoints and evaluations on suppliers in China so you can do business safely. We offer all reports based on an On-Demand basis and your satisfaction is important to us. China Trade™ Audit Reports is owned and headquartered in the USA and is an independent firm which offers 100% independent and unbiased reviews of third-party firms.

          How do I purchase documents?

          If you would like to purchase a China Trade™ Audit Report, please visit our Order Now page or call us at +1.800.728.1400. Our Customer Support Representative will contact you within 2 business days via telephone or e-mail.

          What payment options are available?

          Payment by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Checkout or bank transfer is acceptable. Payment in full is required before we begin work on your On-Demand Report.

          How and when will I receive the information that I purchased?

          Documents are delivered via e-mail in an electronic format such as PDF within 7-14 business days of payment. The time required to complete the report may be longer or shorter depending on the location of the supplier and the ability to coordinate an audit of their facilities. In certain circumstances we can accommodate a quicker delivery schedule based on your needs. Your Customer Support Representative will give you a brief overview of the process via e-mail or telephone.

          How do I get a receipt for my purchases?

          You will receive an electronic receipt when your payment is received in full and your full report is delivered.

          What is the geographic coverage of your On-Demand Reports?

          Our company offers audit reports for all manufacturers in all Chinese provinces, municipalities and Special Administrative Regions.

          What is the return policy for reports?

          Due to the nature of the information being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept returns of profiles, lists or reports. Please be sure to read all available information about a report before you place your order.

          I still have questions. How do I get additional help?

          If you have additional questions, please visit our Contact Us page or call us at +1.800.728.1400. Our Customer Support Representative will be happy to speak with you.

          Focus Imagery

          Order Now online or call us at +1.800.728.1400.

          We offer the most competitive due diligence reporting rates in the industry.

          Basic Report     US$249.95*
          Detailed Report US$649.95*
          Inspection        US$279.95*

          *Additional transportation fee may apply
          *Price reflects daily rate and includes any applicable promotional discounts