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          Target Suppliers

          China Trade™ Audit Reports are the fast, easy and cost-effective way to conduct audits and due diligence on potential suppliers and business partners in China. We offer On-Demand due diligence services including a Basic China Trade™ Audit Report, which verifies and authenticate the basic business operations of a firm, and a Detailed China Trade™ Audit Report, which includes a full management and manufacturing audit. Our On-Demand Reports available for all companies in China including:

          • A.H.A International Co., Ltd.
          • A.H.A International Co., Ltd.
          • AMC Group Ltd.
          • Anhui Anp Import & Export Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Fortune Hair Products Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Gold Coronet Glass Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Handfull Enterprise Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd.
          • Anhui Hengzheng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Herrman Impex Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Honren Co.(Group) Ltd.
          • Anhui Huangshan Foreign Trade Corp.
          • Anhui Huangshan Jialian Group
          • Anhui Huayang Furniture Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Kangda Medical Products Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Nanling Zhengtai Feed Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Rockysky Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Samite Textile Import And Export Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Silk Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Tianda Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Tiankang (Group) Shares Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Worldbest Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
          • Anhui Xuelong Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd.
          • China Yangzi Group Chuzhou Yangzi Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
          • Chuzhou Yangzi Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
          • Galaxy Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.
          • Guoci Handbags
          • Hefei BH Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Carbon Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei City Yinlian Color Printing Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Dongpeng Trade Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Rijin Electronic Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Taiyue Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Telijie Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Telijie Sanitary Material Co., Ltd.
          • Hefei Xinyu Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
          • Hefei Yulong Furniture Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan City Auto-electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan City Shexian Comfort Massage Appliance Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan Jiayi Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan Jinfu Wood Trading Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan Novel Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan Shuangxiong Bamboo Manufactory Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan Tianmu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
          • Huangshan Watts Electrical Co., Ltd.
          • Joy-home Textiles Co., Ltd.
          • KENIX A & V MFG. INC.
          • Kamax Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
          • Liu'an City Guzhen Feather Craftwork Factory
          • Longcom Enterprise Limited
          • Maanshan Yulong Metal Product (Group) Co., Ltd.
          • Shanghai Favourite Headwear Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
          • Shanghai Power Source International Co., Ltd.
          • Starlux Electrical Co., Ltd.
          • Ta Ta Science and Technology (Ningguo) Co., Ltd.
          • Tongling Jintai Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
          • Town-Chen No.1 Down & Feather Plant
          • Uniker Sport Co., Ltd.
          • Wuhu Fuchun Dye and Weave Co., Ltd.
          • Wuhu Video Device Co., Ltd.
          • Xinhui Toys Co., Ltd. of Anhui Province
          • Xuancheng City Sina Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
          • Xuancheng City Start Electronic & Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
          • Xuancheng Kaikai Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.
          • Xuancheng Xinmei Scientific And Technological Building Materials Development Co., Ltd.
          • Yate Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
          • Zengran Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd.

          Focus Imagery

          Order Now online or call us at +1.800.728.1400.

          We offer the most competitive due diligence reporting rates in the industry.

          Basic Report     US$249.95*
          Detailed Report US$649.95*
          Inspection        US$279.95*

          *Additional transportation fee may apply
          *Price reflects daily rate and includes any applicable promotional discounts